New Roblon machines

Feb 19, 2019

EuroFibers has invested in brand new Roblon Tornado twisting machines for the production of rope yarns. With these state-of-the-art Roblon Tornado T300 and T400 twisting machines we can produce a large range of customer-dedicated, intermediate products for producers of ropes and round slings. Our machines have a substantial range and can assemble from 5,000 to 200,000 dtex, both coated and uncoated yarn. We can assemble and twist rope yarns to fit all standard bobbin sizes. Besides, we can customize the yarns based on both weight and length, and supply rope yarns in every desired twisting level and direction, depending on the customer’s needs.

More information?

Please contact Daan Kerckhoffs.

RIPO™ press release

EuroFibers appointed as premium supplier of Twaron®-based ripcords.



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