Unlike topically applied treatments, our flame retardant PET provides inherent (iFR) protection that will not wash off or degrade over time. In additional to permanent flame retardant, this industrial fiber also offers high-tenacity and low shrinkage. Add this to the fact that DFT’s multi-filament, iFR PET yarns have greater strength and durability than textile-grade yarns, it’s no wonder they’re used in some of the most demanding applications around the world today.

Properties of iFR PET

  • Higher strength than apparel-grade alternatives allowing for lighter weight fabric structures, better durability and longer product life
  • Lower shrinkage allows for dimensional stability in the finished item and minimizes width losses in the weft direction during coating/laminating processes
  • Improved hand versus topically applied FR solutions
  • An environmentally preferable solution, our iFR PET releases primarily CO2, CO and water vapor, when burned.
    It does not release toxic halogenated hydrocarbons or hydrocyanic acid
  • Complies with the strict Airbus Industries specification ABD 0031 which considers the mixture and density of chemicals/toxins in combustion of gases
  • Does not result in the solvent and chemical wastes commonly associated with topically applied flame retardant treatments

Applications of iFR PET

  • Sewing thread
  • Filter media
  • Ventilation ductwork
  • Light and sound sails
  • Ropes, cables, nets
  • Carpet backing reinforcement
  • Architectural structures
  • Awnings and windscreens
  • Roofing membranes
  • Coating substrates
  • Printing media
  • Theater screen fabric
  • Reinforcement rubber/thermoplastic belts and hoses
  • Roofing membranes
  • Suspended fabric ceilings
  • Bellows (buses/trucks and air-bridges)
  • Narrow wovens