Multiplex™: Tough Strength, Soft Touch

A unique combination of staple fiber and filament yarn makes for a product that is both strong and soft—even in the most demanding applications.

Properties of Multiplex

  • Good breaking strength and tenacity make for a product that you can trust will hold when called upon
  • A sure grip provides minimal slippage in some extreme circumstances and a softer feel makes an for easier grip with good abrasion and heat resistance
  • Ropes and cords made with Multiplex fiber can be braided, twisted or plied to meet many unique application challenges
  • Our proprietary overlay finish increases abrasion and moisture resistance
  • Good transverse-adhesion properties makes Multiplex a strong high-bulk solution
  • Multiplex’s ability to combine virtually any staple with continuous filament core yarn offers broad design flexibility

Applications of iFR PET

  • Thick-wall industrial rubber hoses
  • Other mechanical rubber goods
  • Mooring lines
  • Furniture
  • Safety
  • Repelling
  • Climbing ropes