Prisma Coating

Nobody's perfect

All High Performance Fibers (HPF) have their specific and unique features, which make them ‘High Performance’. On the other hand, every one of them has its specific disadvantages. Flip sides of the coin that make them great, but not perfect. Like Vectran®: high strength, excellent creep properties and a high temperature resistance. But at the same time a limited UV resistance. Or Dyneema®: strong, UV stable and chemically inert, but...only available in white. Too bad you can’t get any Dyneema® yarn in striking red or distinctive blue.

Until now

This fact got us thinking... Can’t we change those negative characteristics by which the disadvantages of the yarn decrease or even disappear? And yes indeed, we can: By coating High Performance Fibers on a filament level.

Custom made

The applications of High Performance Fibers are numerous and are getting more and more accepted and used within every industry.By specialized and more customer-oriented processing of our range of High Performance Fibers we are now able to tailor the features of the fibers to the specific need of our customers and end users. Tell us which feature you want to change and we will take care of it.

With Business benefits

Prisma® technology is being widely adopted by rope makers, weavers and knitters of products based on High Performance Fibers, all over the world. Not only are the technical reasons worthwhile trying the Prisma® technology, there are also some interesting business benefits. Prisma® coating technology helps to improve performance and lifetime of ropes, cables, nets and fabrics.