Protective Clothing

Kevlar ® and Twaron ® are highly resistant to fire and heat. They do not melt and are resistant to acids and alkalis. In addition, the materials have good abrasion resistance properties.

It is important to use protective clothing made with Heracron ®, Kevlar ®, Nomex ® and/or Twaron ® in dangerous situations where people can get cut or burned. Our customers use these fibers supplied by EuroFibers to produce protective clothing that helps people to perform at times when it is most needed. Twaron ® is also available in black, making it possible to add in more para-aramid fabric for e.g. dark firemen suits. The suits will retain their dark color and are at the same time stronger and better protected against heat. Nomex ® has flame-resistant and insulating properties, does not melt, and is also resistant to acids and alkalis. It is very comfortable to wear on the skin and easy to dye . Nomex ® is used in a wide range of applications due to the fabric’s capabilities and thermal properties when there is a possible exposure to a fire source or an electric arc flash. In the following there are some of the more common industries and applications that Nomex® garments are used in as protective clothing. These applications include but are not limited to industrial work wear for: petroleum and petrochemical operations, electricians, utility workers, race car drivers and their crews, the military, NASA astronauts and their crews, medical emergency professionals, and any industry where there is a chance of flash fire exposure or electric arc flash or blast As you can see, there are many uses for Nomex ® garments which are manufactured by various companies into different styles and designs of protective clothing. Protective clothing is available in coveralls, bib overalls, work shirts, work pants and jackets. The coveralls, bib overalls and jackets are also available as insulated styles for temperatures from mildly cold to extreme cold. The protection provided from Nomex ® garments gives a person a few seconds escape time and the characteristic of Nomex ® to self extinguish once the person has been removed from the flame source. If the flame source is not removed within a few seconds the fiber will start to char which results in that area not providing any more fuel for the flame in that particular location.

Because of its very high temperature resistance, Zylon ® is often used in all kind of flame, fire and heat resistant products like:


  • Heat resistant felt
  • Media for high temperature filtration
  • Racing and riding suits
  • Protective clothes for fire fighting
  • Heat and flame resistant welding apparel

Fencing Suits

Fencing can pose significant threats to athletes: The blunted fencing sword may break and become a dangerous weapon. Fencing suits should offer maximum protection of the fencer without influencing mobility and should combine maximum safety with minimum weight. Dyneema® is able to create this ideal protective garnment.

Dyneema® filament yarns can be used alone or in combinations with cotton and can be integrated into lightweight single and double jerseys. One layer of Dyneema® knitted into a double jersey withstands up to 1000 Newton of thrust and thus fulfills the international Fencing Federation’s requirement of a thrust resistance of 800 Newton. Protective inserts are no longer necessary as Dyneema® fencing suits offer the maximum area of protection clothing. Further, Dyneema®’s brilliant white color and its durability make it even more suited for the use in fencing suits.

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