Zylon ®

Zylon ®

PBO (Poly (p-phenylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole)) is a rigid-rod lyotropic liquid crystal polymer developed by Japan-based Toyobo under the trade name Zylon ®. PBO is a gold fiber with an initial modulus and fiber strength that is significantly higher than other high modulus yarns, including aramids. Its other unique properties compare to very few other fibers and make it even more valuable in the market place.

Properties of Zylon ®

High Strength and Modulus

Zylon ® has an initial modulus and fiber strength that is significantly higher than that of other high modulus yarns, including aramids.

Low Creep

Zylon ® fibers do only show very little creep and are thus suitable for high long-term loads.

Resistance to Chemicals and Thermal Stability

Another outstanding characteristic of Zylon ® is the fact that it is resistant to most chemicals and it is very stable under extreme conditions.

Resistance to Cut, Abrasion, and Stretch

Its resistance to cut, abrasion, and stretch make it suitable for the use in protective clothing and safety materials.

Flexibility and Soft Feel

Zylon ® is quite flexible and has a soft, textile-like feel which renders it the ideal material for use in protective clothing.

Applications of Zylon ®

Zylon ® has been used in several industries with remarkable success. Some of these applications are protective and heat-resistant clothing, sports industry, aerospace, industrial materials, heat resistant materials, as well as reinforcement for belts, tires, and cement.

Zylon ® in Protective Clothing

Zylon ® is currently used with great success in protective clothing in diverse industries. If you want to find out more about protective clothing and our fibers click here.

Zylon ® in Sailing and Yachting

Zylon ® is appreciated by professionals and amateurs in sailing and yachting due to its excellent properties. Click here to find out more about the applications of our fibers in the sailing and yachting industry.