Protective Gloves

Protection of employees is a major issue for many companies and focus of recent regulation. Protective gloves made with Dyneema ® offer the highest level of safety by providing tough protection against mechanical hazards.

The perfect glove does not only have to be protective but also has to offer comfort for employees throughout the day. Dyneema ® is incredibly soft and provides employees with the comfort they need in order to ensure high quality at work. Protective gloves made with Dyneema ® offer qualitative, comfortable protection while being cost-effective and complying with safety regulations at the same time.

Dyneema ® – Flexibility and strength combined in protective gloves

Dyneema ® is15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis and thus the world’s strongest fiber™. Dyneema ® High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) fiber is made from Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Dyneema ® combines the most appreciated characteristics of different materials in one fiber. It is much thinner and more flexible than traditional materials such as leather and cotton and has superior abrasion levels than other man-made fibers. Further, it can be easily used in spun yarns that are even softer to the skin opposed to other HPPE fibers.

The lightweight solution for protective gloves

The extreme strength of Dyneema ® makes it use in lightweight protective gloves possible without compromising protection. This results in maximum comfort for employees at work. Employees will not perceive protective gloves made with Dyneema® as an obstacle during work what will lead to increased workplace safety.

Dyneema ® withstands the toughest environments

Protective gloves made with Dyneema ® can be used in a variety of environments – even in the toughest ones. They can be adapted to different levels of protection required while still offering the highest level of comfort possible. Dyneema ® fibers are suitable for protection against mechanical hazards in the toughest environments. In addition, Dyneema ® is highly resistant to abrasion and various chemicals and thus is characterized by superior durability and resilience.

Satisfied customers in various industries

Automotive, Glass, Paper, Household equipment, Steel, Construction, and Emergency services – some of various industries that use protective gloves made with Dyneema ® successfully. ‘First generation’ protective gloves – those made of leather and cotton – were either comfortable or protective. Dyneema ® introduced ‘second generation’ protective gloves to the market. These gloves combine the superior properties of other materials and combine highest levels of comfort with a maximum of protection in order to improve workplace safety in an array of industries that are looking for an cost-efficient yet effective solution.


Protective gloves that regulate the temperature

Wearing Dyneema ® protective gloves does not only provide maximum comfort: They regulate the temperature of the skin and transport moisture effectively. This makes protective gloves made with Dyneema® even more comfortable to wear and further adds to workplace safety by reducing the likelihood of hazard incidents caused by a lack of comfort or employees not wearing gloves at all.

Reducing costs and environmental impact

Dyneema ® protective gloves are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. According to US and EU safety guidelines, protective gloves made with Dyneema ® achieve the highest levels of abrasion resistance. This and the fact that the gloves are machine washable make them re-usable several times. Thus, protective gloves made with Dyneema ® reduce total costs and the impact of your company on our environment.

Health Care and insurance costs

Over 4 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses are reported each year (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration). This ultimately leads to costs in terms of absenteeism and health insurance for your company. The only way to avoid these costs is to invest in the best solution for hand and lower-arm protection in the market – protective gloves made with Dyneema ®.

The perfect solution for every situation

Dyneema ® fibers are highly versatile and provide numerous forms of hand and lower-arm protection to major industries. These are not only limited to protective gloves but offer the perfect solution for every industry and every company by combining superior wearing comfort with supreme performance.

Cut and Heat Resistant Protective Gloves

The use of Twaron ® in cut resistant protective gloves is a very different application. Protective gloves with aramid are four times as effective against cuts as cotton and eight times more effective than leather gloves. Heat resistant gloves made with Twaron ® protect against cuts and fire.

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