EuroFibers & partners, certified quality in High Performance Fibers

Both EuroFibers and its partners are ISO certified companies.

We strive for an ever consistent and flawless product. Ready to perform in your most demanding applications.

Our partnership with three of the world’s leading fiber manufacturers guarantees quality in both materials and technical support.

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Premium Distribution Partner of DSM Dyneema®

Since 2011, Eurofibers is a Premium Distribution Partner of DSM Dyneema: the manufacturer of Dyneema ®, the world’s strongest fiber ™.

Dyneema ® is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene yarn (UHMWPE) which is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis. Click here for more information about Dyneema ®.

Teijin Aramid

EuroFibers recently started a new partnership with Teijin, the global leaders in aramids. Wherever strength, safety, heat or flame resistance is required, you will find our Twaron® or Technora®.

We offer a wide range of their high performance fibers produced at their plants in The Netherlands and Japan. Click on a type above for more information on Aramids.

Verified Quality

As an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company we aim to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers, vendors and employees with value added products and services. We emphasize our continuous commitment to satisfaction through an ongoing process of education, communication, evaluation and constant improvement.


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