Dyneema ®

Dyneema ®

Dyneema ® is a super-strong fiber based on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. It offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight. The fiber is manufactured by DSM Dyneema by means of a gel-spinning process that combines extreme strength with incredible softness. So what are the properties that make this fiber so special?

Properties of Dyneema ®

High Strength/Low Weight

Dyneema ® is 15 times stronger than steel, and 40% stronger than aramids on a weight-for-weight basis.

Low Specific Gravity (0.97)

Dyneema ® floats on water and is ideal for lightweight solutions.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Dyneema ® is chemically inert. Independent studies have confirmed that Dyneema ® performs well in dry, wet, salty and humid conditions, as well as other situations where chemicals are present.

UV Resistant

Products made with Dyneema ® fiber show strong resistance to photo degradation when exposed to UV light. The high UV resistance of the fiber ensures continuing high performance.

Moisture Resistant

Dyneema ® fiber is hydrophobic. It resists water absorption, providing an extra level of protection and durability.

High Durability

Dyneema ® fiber can withstand the harshest environments for a longer time. This is due to its inherent strength, and its resistance to many damaging chemical agents.

Applications with Dyneema ®

Dyneema ® in Cotton Reinforcement

If cotton is reinforced with only a very small percentage of Dyneema ®, the durability of cotton is significantly increased without adding a great amount of costs.

Dyneema ® does not only offer improved durability at only marginally increased costs, but is superior to other reinforcements of cotton, like for example polyester, in other aspects. Compared to polyester reinforcement the identical performance can be achieved with 3 times less Dyneema ®. Dyneema ® offers also benefits in the wear comfort as fabrics retain their natural, cotton-like touch and have better moisture absorbance. Click here to see how our fibers are used to reinforce cotton.

Dyneema ® in Fishing

Dyneema ® fibers are the perfect addition to fishing lines: Their smoothness lets them slide easily over any obstacle and its thinness reduces resistance and visibility to fish. Fishing lines made with Dyneema ® provide amazing sensitivity – not comparable to stretchy mono lines – that will make the fishing experience even more enjoyable. Fishing lines made with Dyneema ® set new standards regarding durability and reliability of fishing lines. The high demand for fish puts a lot of pressure on the aquaculture industry to increase capacity. Dyneema ® fibers are currently used in a new generation of nets and ropes that make fish farming safer, more reliable, and more efficient in economic terms. Dyneema ®’s exceptional bite resistance reduces the risk of losing fish stock and thus reduces the financial risk incurred when using traditional nets made of polyamide, which are prone to break.

The unmatched thinness of Dyneema ® fiber makes it possible to reduce the twine size compared to traditional materials. But still the incredible strength of the Dyneema ® fiber makes the cage shape more stable in strong currents and thus enables better water and oxygen flow through the net. Nets made with Dyneema ® fibers can significantly reduce your maintenance costs. Nets made with Dyneema ® are also easy to handle and mitigate the need for huge machinery and additional workforce. Click here to see how successful our fibers are in fishing.

Dyneema ® in Kite and Paragliding Lines

Dyneema ® is well-established in kite and paragliding lines and has proven successful. Dyneema ® offers maximum breaking strength for the lowest diameter and thus ensures the highest degree of safety possible. Its resistance to abrasion, bending, aging, and peak loading ensures maximum reliability in the most important moments. Click here to learn more about our extraordinary fibers in kite and paragliding lines.

Dyneema ® in Mooring Ropes

Dyneema ® ropes have a proven track record by providing safe mooring for all kind of ships worldwide. Dyneema ® offers a solution that is superior to steel wire and other synthetic ropes in terms of economic efficiency and workplace safety. Dyneema ® was able to show that superior strength and durability do not necessarily lead to compromises in weight and handling. Traditionally ropes, made of steel, are well-known for their strength but are heavy, difficult to handle, and pose a significant threat to employee safety.

Conventional synthetic ropes overcome some of these drawbacks but still are too bulky and heavy. Ropes made with Dyneema ®, on the other hand, combine all the requirements that the shipping industry nowadays has for its ropes. Mooring lines made with Dyneema ® are a great opportunity for the shipping industry to address two of their major challenges: Reducing operating costs and ensuring a safe work environment. If you want to learn more about how and why our fibers are used in mooring ropes, click here.

Dyneema ® in Dental Floss

Dental floss made with Dyneema ® is extremely strong, yet very soft and comfortable to use.
It further is tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic, making it the ideal fiber for usage in dental care. Click here to find out more about our fibers in dental floss.

Dyneema ® in Mountaineering Ropes

In nearly no other application is the reliability and strength of the material more important than in mountaineering ropes. Ropes with Dyneema ® are the optimal ropes for alpine climbing – in terms of reliability and weight. They are a low-weight solution, do not absorb water, do not freeze, and are more abrasion-resistant than nylon. Click here to find out more about the applications of our fibers in mountaineering.

Dyneema ® in Protective Clothing

Our customers use the fibers supplied by EuroFibers to produce protective clothing that helps people to perform at times when it is most needed. Our fibers like Dyneema ®, Heracron ®, Kevlar ®, Nomex ®, Twaron ®, Vectran ®, or Zylon ® are established on the market and are used in a variety of applications to protect individuals from any kind of danger. Click here to learn more about the applications of our fibers in protective clothing.

Dyneema ® in Protective Clothing

Protection of employees is a major issue for many companies and focus of recent regulation. Gloves made with Dyneema ® offer the highest level of safety by providing tough protection against mechanical hazards. But the perfect glove does not only have to be protective but also has to offer comfort for employees throughout the day. Dyneema ® is incredibly soft and provides employees with the comfort they need in order to ensure high quality at work. Gloves made with Dyneema ® offer qualitative, comfortable protection while being cost-effective and complying with safety regulations at the same time. Click here to learn more about our fibers in protective gloves.

Dyneema ® in Sailing and Yachting

Lines made with Dyneema ® have a superior strength-to-weight ratio which means that they have a smaller diameter and lower weight at the same strength. Lines made with Dyneema ® do not absorb water and float on water due to the low density of Dyneema ®. These characteristics improve the performance compared to conventional lines substantially and help the crew to operate in a more efficient and thus successful manner. The material’s superior strength-to-weight ratio is only one of the reasons why almost all teams in major regattas like the America’s Cup, Vendée Globe and the Volvo Ocean Race rely on lines made with Dyneema ®. Other reasons for that are Dyneema ®’s superior splicing properties compared to lines made from other fibers, its incredible softness compared to steel wire or other materials, and its ease of use with blocks and sheaves. For these reasons it is now being used also more and more by recreational sailors.

The unique, superior, and well-known combination of properties of Dyneema ® makes it the most reliable fiber in the harsh conditions in race yachting. Its tension and bending fatigue characteristics ensure that lines retain their shape and form. Its resistance to stretch and wear is superior to other materials and its resistance to chemicals, UV and salt water are critical components of its unmatched reliability. Click here to find out more about our fibers in sailing and yachting.

Dyneema ® in Slings

Slings made with Dyneema ® are not only strong enough to lift the heaviest loads but are also superior in terms of safety and ease of handling and offer the same reliability and predictability as slings made from steel wire or chain. Slings made with Dyneema ® are established on the market and are used by an increasing number of customers. Slings made with Dyneema ® have the same diameter as slings made of steel wire, but weigh only a fraction.

Slings made with Dyneema ® are also superior to polyester slings – they are only 75 percent of the diameter and less than half the weight while offering the same strength. These characteristics make slings made with Dyneema® the ideal solution for lifting heavy loads with maximum reliability and safety. Slings made with Dyneema ® enhance the three most important aspects in lifting: speed, safety and efficiency. An increasing number of operators in various industries and countries rely on slings made with Dyneema ® and the characteristic advantages they offer. Click here to learn more about our fibers in slings.


However, there are still many exciting possibilities and markets to explore. EuroFibers has the distribution rights for Dyneema ® in a large part of Europe. We offer genuine Dyneema ® at a competitive price and customized to your demand. We are proud to be acknowledged as innovation partner of DSM Dyneema and we are constantly seeking new opportunities that push the boundaries for Dyneema ®.

Dyneema ® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.