Fiber Optical Cables

Due to the ever growing demand for high-speed transfer of large amounts of data there are more and more fiber optical cables needed that meet the highest requirements. Fiber Optical Cables need to be very robust against external forces as the replacement requires a significant amount of time and money. The optical fibers in the core of the cable are very brittle and susceptible to external forces. The core is protected from mechanical stress by using an outside mantle made of Heracron ®, Kevlar ® and Twaron ®. The unique protective properties of Heracron ®, Kevlar ® and Twaron ® make them the perfect material to protect the sensible optical fiber within the cable. Besides protection it also assures that the fiber optical cable remains thin and flexible and easy to handle. Our high performance fibers like Heracron ®, Kevlar ® and Twaron ® are therefore appreciated and valued in the optical fiber industry and are used with success in reinforcing optical fiber cables.

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