Technora ®

Technora ®

Technora ® is a para-aramid fiber made from co-polymers and produced from poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide (PPTA). It was independently developed by Teijin and has been commercially available since 1987. This high performance fiber has a range of excellent properties, including high tensile strength, good fatigue resistance, long-term dimensional stability and good resistance to corrosion, heat, chemicals and saltwater.

Properties of Technora ®

Very High Tensile Strength

Technora ® is 8 times as strong as steel and 3 times as strong as polyester or nylon on a weight-for-weight basis, what enables weight reduction of products in which this fiber is used.

Tenacity and Fatigue Resistance

Technora ® combines high tenacity with superior fatigue resistance.

Dimensional Stability

Technora ® demonstrates outstanding dimensional stability due to its low thermal shrinkage.

Modulus, Creep and Stress Relaxation

Technora ®’s highly oriented molecular structure leads to a high modulus, low creep and low stress relaxation.

Temperature Resistance

Technora ® is resistant to heat of up to 200°C for a long time and decomposes at a temperature of 500°C.

Resistance to Chemicals and Others

Its high resistance to acids, bases, organic solvents, sea water and steam does not only distinguish Technora® from other high-performance fibers but enables its use in the harshest environments.

Applications of Technora ®

Technora ® in Composites

Technora ® is used in composites and appreciated for its outstanding performance. Click here to learn more about our fibers and their use in composites.

Technora ® in Mooring Ropes

Mooring ropes are used in the toughest environments and in the most dangerous situations. Technora ® and our other fibers set standards with regard to mooring ropes as you can see here.

Technora ® in Protective Clothing

Technora ®’s inherent characteristics make it the ideal addition to protective clothing. Click here to see how important our fibers are in protective clothing.

Technora ® in Protective Gloves

Technora ® is also valuable if used in protective gloves. Click here to learn how our fibers can make differences with regard to protective gloves.

Technora ® in Tires

Another application for which Technora ® is established on the fiber market is tires. Find out about the possibilities of our fibers with regard to tires by clicking here.