Aramid Used in Tires

One of the first applications of para-aramid (Kevlar ®, Twaron ®, Technora ®) was the replacement of steel wire in the carcass of large truck tires, racecar tires and tires of aircrafts. Especially for heavy duty trucks the use of aramid provides significant benefits compared to steel wire:


  • Weight saving of 2.4 kg to 5.2 kg per tire.
  • Less heat dissipation leads to a 5% lower tire temperature compared to a similar tire with steel wire.
  • Rolling resistance is lower compared to a similar tire with steel wire reducing the energy loss.
  • Reducing rolling resistance, together with the savings in weight, provides a reduction in fuel consumption.
  • The life of the tires is increased by 10% to 14%.


Aramid is nowadays also used in more expensive bicycle tires.

Bike Tires

Fabrics reinforced with Vectran ® are lightweight, extremely durable, have a reliable life span and are five times stronger than steel. Sidewall reinforcement with Vectran ® offers protection against cuts and abrasion. The Vectran ® breaker wards off flats but is also supple for less rolling resistance and greater comfort than two layers of Nylon puncture resistant barriers.

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