Twaron ®

Twaron ®

Twaron ® is the leading para-aramid fiber produced by Teijin and is a high-performance man-made fiber. The paracrystalline structure in which the molecular chains are oriented along the fiber axis enables Twaron ® to combine a variety of properties and to be one of the leading man-made fibers on the market. It is used in roughly the same applications as Kevlar ® and Technora ®.

Properties of Twaron ®

High Strength

Twaron ® fibers have a tensile strength that is two times higher than that of high-strength polyester and polyamide yarns and five times higher than that of steel on a weight-to-weight basis.

High Modulus

Twaron ® is superior to nylon and polyester in terms of modulus and melting point.

High Dimensional Stability

Twaron ® fibers demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability, a property that is appreciated in various industries and applications.

Heat, Cut, and Chemical Resistance

It survives short-term exposures to extreme temperatures without significant mass loss. Twaron ® can further be used as heat resistant material in conditions with up to 250°C and can be exposed to most chemicals without major degradation.

No Melting and Low Flammability

One of the remarkable properties of Twaron ® is that it does not burn or melt.


Twaron ® fibers are non-conductive.

Applications of Twaron ®

Twaron ® in Composites

Twaron ® has a proven track record in enhancing the properties of composites. Click here to see how our fibers contribute to quality in this field.

Twaron ® in Fiber Optical Cables

Twaron ® is further used in fiber optical cables due to its inherent protective characteristics. Click here to see how our high-performance fibers contribute to this application.

Twaron ® in Mooring Ropes

Twaron ® combines a uniqe set of properties including high strength, high dimensional stability, and resistance against heat, cut, and chemicals. This makes Twaron ® the ideal material for a new generation of mooring ropes. Click hereto find out how our fibers are used in mooring ropes.

Twaron ® in Protective Clothing

Twaron ® is one of our fibers which is known for its potential with regard to protective clothing. See here how and why our fibers are appreciated across different industries for their protective properties.

Twaron ® in Protective Gloves

Twaron ® is also used to protect employees from any danger present at their workplace by improving the performance of protective gloves. Click here to learn more about the potential of our fibers for protective gloves.

Twaron ® in Tires

Twaron ®’s high dimensional stability and resistance to heat make it suitable for use in tires. Find out more about our fibers and their use in tires by clicking here.